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Rehabilitation Physiotherapy – Improving movement. Improving lives.

Reach Rehab Physiotherapy exists to transform the lives of people of all ages, who for whatever reason, find life that bit more challenging. Whether from birth, accident or post operative, we can treat all types of restrictive physical conditions to give people the ability to live their lives to the full. Rehabilitation Physiotherapy can treat wherever and whenever to suit you, at school or office, in your own home, wherever makes most sense. Please contact us to see how we can help you, your loved ones or your employees.

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Specialist Childrens Physiotherapist

Exciting News Christina Peak has joined our team of Specialist Physiotherapists.  Christina has specific and extensive experience in treating children and young adults (paediatric physiotherapy) aged from birth

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Every body is unique, so we tailor our physiotherapy to suit you and your needs and goals. We encourage a positive attitude, personal ambition and will motivate you to succeed. We love making a difference to people’s physical ability as we see how it transforms not only their movement but also their outlook on life

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