I have known Lisa in the Capacity of Neuro Physiotherapist for my Daughter Abigail since January this year.  Since that date she has been seeing Abigail on a weekly basis at home.

From the outset it is instantly apparent that Lisa is extremely passionate about her work.  This has shown during her sessions with Abigail.  During the sessions, Lisa is more than happy to talk about and explain the physiology behind my Daughters condition and why different co-ordination and gross motor skill problems arise in relation to her brain injury sustained at birth.  I’m never afraid to keep asking questions and Lisa will always keep Abigail at the centre of her interests.  This is obviously second nature to her from the vast experience she has had in the Neurological Physiotherapy field.

Now, Abigail is quite a wilful and headstrong young lady, who will endeavour to do her best in any given situation to make things as easy as possible for herself (who can blame her!), Lisa quickly picked up on this and uses many different ways to motivate Abigail, through play, music, counting etc to engage Abigail.

Lisa always presents with a happy, friendly demeanour, and the sessions are a real pleasure to be a part of.

Lisa recently helped me greatly.  I have had major concern for some time now about my Daughters posture and the management of.  Lisa made her assessment and plan and before I knew it Abigail had a wealth of input in the areas of concern.  A multidisciplinary meeting was held at home attended by various designation of Health Professionals who were able to help with seating, sleeping, standing and hoisting equipment.  At last we had a plan !  This here plan is still in operation and is progressing well.  All thanks to Lisa, who gave that extra commitment and perseverance for the benefit of Abigail.  I am extremely grateful to Lisa for all her valued input !

Having Lisa as Abigail’s Physio is a big reassurance and relief to me as a Mum, and any carer will understand how important it is to feel that we have done our best for those we care for !