To maintain safety for staff / clients and everyone in contact with us, Reach Rehab staff are have adopted the following procedures:


Staff to:

  • Take their temperature daily – taking note of it to indicate immediately if they have a fever. 
  • Use sanitiser between clients, before and after minimum 70% alcohol which kills coronovirus 
  • Wipe down car steering wheel, door handles inside & out and gear stick with antibacterial wipes at end of working day
  • Take minimal equipment into homes.  Only taking essentials in to minimise risk of carrying virus’s on hard surfaces. 
  • Any equipment that is used, is wiped down before and after use with antibacterial spray / wipes.
  • Wear clean uniform daily.   All uniform washed in a hot wash. 
  • If seeing concurrent clients without changing clothes, disposable aprons to be worn.
  • Access to disposable gloves. These will be worn  in situations where a client may be particularly vulnerable or when there is contact with surfaces regularly touched by the public during treatment sessions, eg bannisters in nursing homes. 
  • All clients will be asked before seeing them if they believe themselves to be free of any symptoms to Coronavirus, also that they are not at risk of being near any other person who is in the risk category of having this. 
  • All staff will carry their own tissues with them for themselves and for clients to use. 

I do hope this helps to allay some fears. Please call and chat to us if you are at all concerned. 🙂

We ask all clients to kindly monitor themselves and those around them for any of the symptoms. The main ones being a fever and continuous dry cough.


The TWO MAIN signs and symptoms are: are constant feverish temperature over 37.8 C and a constant dry cough.

For all the signs and symptoms see:

  • Below is a useful link on how to wash your hands properly (Remember to sing Happy Birthday) although I’m sure there are some much better songs to sing!

Another useful link to read through on Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on COVID19: