During this time of Social Isolating our usual exercise regimes will be disrupted and possibly completely stopped. So why do we need to keep active at home? We need to maintain our fitness and remain healthy, through what ever safe means we can. Read to see the main gains from exercises.

What are the reasons to exercise?

  1. Reduces Blood pressure,
  2. Lowers risk of Type 2 diabetes,
  3. Maintains Immune system functioning,
  4. Reduces body fat,
  5. Keeps bones strong,
  6. Builds muscle mass and helps promote muscle endurance,
  7. Improves breathing,
  8. Boosts your energy,
  9. Reduces the risk of arthritis,
  10. Brings about better sleep,
  11. Improves mood, combats depression and anxiety,
  12. Feels like fun – ‘a natural high’,
  13. Boosts memory,
  14. Lowers risk of dementia,
  15. Builds aerobic capacity (fitness),
  16. Helps to reduce stress,
  17. Improves self esteem,
  18. Helps to manage chronic pain,
  19. Improves digestion,
  20. Improves eating habits – can regulate eating,
  21. Increases your lifespan.

The NHS have some fantastic general information on how to keep active at home:

  • https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/exercise/exercise-health-benefits/

However, you must adhere to government guidelines regarding what you are allowed to do outside of the home:



Ways to stay active at home…

Over the next few weeks I will be writing blogs on various different ways of how to keep active at home, with various types of exercise to suit different groups of people and meet their individual needs. We will look at:

  • from seated exercise
  • to circuit training in your own home
  • walking with the dog and how to get the most out of this
  • Using specialist equipment for people with physical disabilities.

These will be general exercises and if in doubt please contact us at Reach Rehab for advice. If you already have an exercise programme or physical management programme from your physiotherapist, please continue with this.




Remember to stay safe and monitor for symptoms of COVID-19:


Remember if you have any of the symptoms of COVID-19, you should stay inside, and rest. Contact 111 with any concerns.

These are the symptoms: