Online physiotherapy consultations are being carried out by Reach Rehab. We are using formal video consultation, and can assess, advise, check exercises, modify and send new exercise protocols electronically.

We hope this will serve as a solution in such difficult times.














Virtual Physiotherapy sessions can be fun!

We have been having some fun when maintaining focus and concentration from our younger clients.


We continue to complete assessments, and treatment sessions over a webcam. This can be by any means you prefer. Mainly we are using Whats App video, Zoom and FaceTime.

There are clear limitations to Physiotherapy at a distance but we can be inventive and keep things ticking over until we are free to visit again.

Please see below for the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy’s guidelines for remote and face to face physiotherapy:






However, if do you have concerns over serious and detrimental physical deterioration through a lack of physio such as following recent complex injury or a deteriorating neurological condition, please do contact us. In this situation we may be able to visit for hands on Physio with the correct PPE in place.