Online Physiotherapy


Reach Rehab can provide  On-line (Virtual) Physiotherapy sessions as an alternative to face to face.

Why have a Virtual Session?

Face to face physiotherapy is always the gold standard in my opinion.  However there are times when this is not possible, or viable for various reasons.  These can include the location of where the client is or perhaps a full visit might not be required and just a review which requires mostly talking rather than a hands on assessment.

If you feel you would like a virtual session at any time, we can discuss this with you.

How Long will the Sessions be?

These sessions will usually be from 30 minutes up to 1 hour depending on the nature of the problem.

For more complex assessments, such as medico-legal work, these can take up to 2 hours, or may require 2 separate sessions to build up a full picture of the situation.

Preparation for the Video Consultation:

The main preparation is to have a video app installed. Whether on your phone, tablet or computer. Whats app video, FaceTime, Zoom or Skype are the main media.

You will also need to be sat somewhere comfortable to be able to talk and discuss the problems thoroughly.

The device you are using will need to be situated where you will be clearly seen and will not need to hold onto it so that your hands are free for the assessment.

Please come prepared in clothing that allows us to see the area of the body that requires assessment. This clothing needs to be loose and comfortable.

Do I need any specific equipment for On-line Physiotherapy?

This depends on the nature of the problems and the type of physiotherapy.

For rehab, you may need a small roll up exercise mat.  Alternatively something soft on the floor such as a rug / duvet for floor exercises.

You may need resistance exercise bands or hand weights for muscle building / strengthening work. These can be purchased on line, but again if you prefer I can get hold of these for you. You will be advised what you need during the assessment. Initially household items can be used for weights, such as tins of beans.

How Much will the on-line sessions cost?

The rates are £10 less than your normal face to face rate (per hour) as there is no travel required. 

Will I get a rehab / exercise plan to follow?

Yes. We can formulate a plan on the Physitrack and can be emailed to you, or there is an app you can download and we can send it to this. The app is called PT momentum and is free to download and use.

However if you prefer to have a good old fashioned paper copy, it can of course be printed off and posted to you.

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