Reach Rehab have become part of this exciting new network of highly qualified and experienced clinicians,  Our goal is to provide the best quality of healthcare to patients across the UK, no matter where they live and whatever situation they find themselves in.

Our group are chartered physiotherapists who work in different clinical specialist areas including neurology, women’s health, incontinence in women and men, chronic pain management, sports physiotherapy, care of elite athletes, geriatrics, cancer care, lymphoedema, orthopaedics, paediatrics and cardiac care.

Why was this Service set up?

Secure video consultations were present prior to the Covid-19 outbreak. However, Physiotherapy video consultations were not common place.

  • Currently it is in everyone’s best interests for as many people as possible to #STAYHOME. The majority of patients can absolutely be effectively treated and helped by video consultation, and I think everyone should use this option if they can.


The Physiotherapists involved in this network feel this it is important personally and professionally to encourage healthcare professionals and patients everywhere to use video consultations in order to limit the potential spread of infection.

Who Will Benefit from Virtual Physiotherapy?

However, Virtual Physiotherapy will stay important for patients who are unable to leave the house for reasons including:

  • Transport Difficulties
  • Distance from Physiotherapy Clinic
  • Self-Isolation
  • Immunosuppressed patients
  • Patients in at-risk groups being over 70
  • Patients in at-risk groups due to heart conditions
  • Patients in at-risk groups due to respiratory conditions
  • Patients in at-risk groups due to diabetes

Evie Martin, who has set up this network has established the following networks by contacting many physios in Norway, Ireland and the UK to set up the PhysiosOnline network. Only highly skilled and experienced physios using proper, secure video consultations suitable for healthcare provision are listed on this site. She set up networks both at home in Norway at, in Ireland at and in the UK at

This is a totally voluntary project for her..

I have a kind, supportive, smart and talented wife, Christine, who made the website for us for free.

Please visit the site at:

FACE TO FACE PHYSIOTHERAPY – When is it ok to visit?

Some patients fall into a category whereby they can be offered face-to-face consultations. This is in the following situations:

  • They are in hospital and require physiotherapy (Hospital based physiotherapists only).
  • A risk of serious deterioration from underlying pathology which cannot be determined remotely.
  • There are urgent rehabilitation needs, which if not met, will require care from General Practice, secondary care or social care agencies.  This is particularly important if the client themselves are a carer for someone who is vulnerable .
  • They require rehabilitation to support their rapid discharge from secondary care. 

If you feel you fall into one of the above categories, please contact us on 07989 549006 for email

At Reach Rehab we have full PPE for face to face contacts.  We will also provide all clients with a weekly disposable surgical face mask to offer additional protection. 

Please see our previous blog on virtual physiotherapy sessions:

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