Video Consultations have become the norm for physiotherapy and medical appointments over the past few months. Reach Rehab Physiotherapy have been working virtually over Zoom with many clients. This is enabling quality Physiotherapy to continue with NO risk of contracting Coronavirus.

Its not just talking….

Not only talking consultations are being carried out virtually. At Reach Rehab Physiotherapy we have been busy carrying out a variety of types of work online.

We have of course been assessing and treating Physiotherapy clients virtually. However, the virtual sessions have not been limited to this. We have been carrying on with our professional requirements online for a wide range of other activities.

No one knows how long the situation with Covid-19 will prevail and so we feel it is hugely important to offer all the thorough, holistic and bespoke support to our clients that we always have… but through the safety of virtual sessions.


At Reach Rehab Physiotherapy we have:

  • Attended virtual multidisciplinary team meetings,
  • Attended School annual and transition review meetings virtually,
  • Received training sessions and professional development sessions virtually,
  • Provided carer and support staff training virtually,
  • Demonstrated exercises and stretches virtually,
  • Conducted Home visit virtual tours,
  • Assisted in talking clients through the completion of complicated paperwork,
  • Been involved in the assessment for the suitability of Lycra splints (as per photo above).


For more Information on how remote physiotherapy works with Reach Rehab Physiotherapy see our post on remote physiotherapy:


Please contact Reach Rehab Physiotherapy if you feel we can help. We are a Physiotherapy practice based in and around Burntwood and Lichfield, Staffordshire. However, working virtually, the WORLD* is our geographical area!

(*but not USA / Canada / Australia – as UK insurance does not cover us here!)

Tel: 07989 549 006

Reach Rehab Physiotherapy are working in conjunction with Physios Online UK. This is a collective of highly experienced Physiotherapists working online to keep all of our clients safe.