At Reach Rehab Physiotherapy we are constantly reviewing our operating procedures in light of Covid-19.    We need to keep our clients safe as well as our staff in these unprecedented times.

There is light at the end of the tunnel with the vaccine being available.  Many of our staff have received their first vaccination already, the remaining staff will receive theirs with Roll out 2 as frontline health care professionals.

Lateral Flow Tests

Lateral flow tests are the tests which can provide a Covid result within 30 minutes.  These enable asymptomatic carriers of Covid to be identified, thus reducing the spread of Covid from people that would otherwise not know they have it.

All of our staff are receiving once or twice weekly Lateral Flow tests to ensure we remain as safe as possible when visiting all of our clients.


Respirator Face Mask (FFP3)

A number of our staff have also been officially ‘Fit tested’ with a respirator face mask.  These masks are worn when particular criteria are met which necessitates added protection for the client and the staff member.


The fit testing ensures that NO vapour goes into or out of the mask in a given period of time.    These can be worn if clients are immunocompromised, if clients have a cough (non covid), or if any clients require suctioning (or other aerosol generating procedures).


Please see below for more information on whether a Surgical face mask or FFP3 is required:


For more information on Lateral flow tests see: