Meet Sarah..

Sarah Mann, has over 22 years of experience as a highly skilled Physiotherapy Technical Instructor.

Sarah is a huge part of Reach Rehab physiotherapy, providing hands on Physiotherapy to both adults and children.

The role of a Physiotherapy technical instructor is to provide regular face to face input but at a more cost effective price for the clients.     Often this enables physiotherapy to be accessible more frequently and over a longer periods of time.

Sarah is self motivated, with a passion for helping all clients to achieve their best outcomes.   She always goes that extra mile, with a holistic and thorough approach.

Sarah has undertaken a huge amount of training throughout her career, from postural management to Bobath courses, anatomy to makaton.

Sarah’s specific area of expertise is the treatment of neurological conditions particularly with children, however, she is an all round expert with rehabilitation physiotherapy for people of all ages.



I don’t even know where to start to write a review but what I can say is that it is an honour from the bottom of our hearts to have involvement with Sarah as our Childrens physiotherapist and we would never change their care for the world.
Sarah’s attentiveness to detail, her dedication and patience is beyond belief. Sarah’s persona with the children is just outstanding, she has a way about her personality that brings out the best in my children and the connection and bond she has built with them is just so beautiful to see. It is an absolute pleasure to have Sarah’s incredible knowledge and expertise surrounding our children and we wouldn’t ever be without her. 
We have learnt things that the NHS has not offered us with and the knowledge we have gained to improve and develop our Childrens needs has been astronomical.
The reassurance we have in having private physiotherapist sessions is life changing for us as a family.
Our two boys have a rare life limiting condition and the only way to prevent deterioration is by way of regular consistency and physiotherapy to prevent stiffness or deterioration. Sarah recognises the importance of this and can confidently adapt each session to cater for any medical changes or stiffness that has occurred between appointments.
Sarah’s demeanour around our children is just something which we haven’t ever experienced with any other professionals and our two sons always enjoy seeing Sarah as she makes the sessions fun for their needs so they cooperate with the challenges set out.
We are issued with a program plan and an app which details any home activities which are done in the sessions so it can be continued at home regularly. This is also useful when showing others what to do, as there are visual guides to assist you with the movement outcome. 
Thankyou so much for your continued support and we wouldn’t ever be without you. X