It is always lovely to have such great feedback from a client…

We are so very pleased and happy with the work of Lisa and Sarah.

My Sister-In-Law is 70 years old. She has a profound learning disability, but is a chatty person who comes across as much more capable than she is. People do not usually realise this and it causes difficulties for her.   She has several health issues including renal failure and arthritis, particularly in her shoulders. She had lost the ability to simply reach forward, having to walk her fingers across the table to extend  her arms.

Just before the first Covid lockdown, she slipped from her chair and permanently dislocated her shoulder. She walks with a wheeled walker and was now unable to do that by herself. Lockdown was grim for her.

When the lockdown lifted, she had lost confidence in walking anywhere except on completely flat floors. Unfortunately, she was allocated a Physiotherapist who compounded her fears and she was beginning to strongly resist attempting to walk. Sadly, she then had a fall and broke her leg badly. She had to be hoisted by two carers which she found very uncomfortable, she hated it and was extremely vocal about it.  She then had Covid leaving her weak and very helpless. She constantly slipped sideways in her chair and was unable to right herself.

She then went three months without rehabilitation after breaking her leg. The Community Physiotherapist made six visits, but warned us that there might never be much improvement. My Sister’s future looked grim, but then Lisa and Sarah came into our lives!

They walked in and immediately connected with my Sister in a way that in our 35 years of caring for her, we had never seen before and both of them could do it!  They listened to everything she said, they followed up every complaint she had and helped her be comfortable and they managed to get her to cooperate with them.  They took time with her and took seriously everything she said. They recognised and celebrated every achievement she made, understand her, and won her cooperation.

My Sister-in-Law loves them both and says “they listen to me!”

They manage to get her to cooperate happily with a rigorous work out for a whole hour each session to my amazement! They leave us in awe!  They have such clever and fun ways to get her to exercise.  She has a doll and the doll regularly features in the sessions as does all kinds of imaginative fun.

Her upper body mobility has increased dramatically – she can now right herself in her chair even when she slips far down. She can now reach out for things

Last week, she thrilled us all by standing up and walking with her walker to her chair.

Having physiotherapy from Sarah and Lisa has really changed her future for the better in a huge way.

It’s difficult to put into words what I feel about these outstanding physiotherapists. They have changed our lives. They are so skilled in their field, plus they do it all with such love and fun and professionalism.

Rachel Horton.