Oscar’s & Theo’s PMD Journey


Pictures write a thousand words and as you will all see, the bond that has been built by this fabulous lady is just so so special and meaningful.
It means more to us than the team will ever know. We have been so lucky to have found this physiotherapy rehabilitation team because without the dedication, support and strength that Sarah has given our family, the boys would not be where they are now.
We are genuinely so honoured to have someone who shares so much knowledge with us and guides us so positively to help us understand and support the boys as much as we can to ensure we can act proactively as much as possible.
We especially wouldn’t be where we are in terms of the amount of physiotherapy we are giving the boys at their times of need if it wasn’t for Burntwood Lions Club CIO and more recently, Boparan Charitable Trust who both have provided us with such generous donations to fund for these therapy sessions.
We are so incredibly grateful because these charities have supported us in the ability to give the boys the best possible chances of prevention to earlier deterioration 🙏🏼💙
Sarah is just the most incredible person who came into our journey and I have absolutely no doubt in my mind about any advice she ever provides to us. The boys absolutely adore her and it is so important that this journey they are on is made to be as fun as it can for them within these intense sessions and Sarah absolutely does just that!
We cannot thank her enough for everything she does with pure dedication and attention 💚💜