Our client has done really well over the last year since commencing private physiotherapy sessions with our associate physio technical instructor, Sarah Mann.  Her determination in her physiotherapy sessions has been incredible to watch, especially as she was told her mobility had declined to the point of needing to be fully hoisted for the rest of her life.

In order to achieve our client’s goal, our regular physiotherapy sessions have been stretching and challenging and combined with our client’s strong perseverance and attitude, she has gone from not being able to move her foot or sit up to being able to stand and walk with a frame.  This is such an incredible achievement and highlights how with the right treatment approach and input that ambitious goals can be turned into reality.  Our client’s family are over the moon given that the prognosis was so bleak at the outset and are thankful for all Reach Rehabilitation has done.  Our client has now got such good mobility that our input is no longer required and will be able to enjoy her Christmas to the full.