“My husband John is 14 years into a Parkinson’s diagnosis
We were plodding along quietly when life took a massive turn and flipped our existence on its head
John’s health deteriorated rapidly and for 6 months we were trying to find answers to be able to deal with a very different life as now John could not get out of a chair and could hardly walk
Then through a friend we were introduced to the idea of physio in the home
We were then given a contact for Reach a private physio
I got in touch with them and we were guided through an induction for John which involved a process of assessing John’s needs and abilities
All in all the height of professionalism from start to finish
After the induction we were allocated our physio tech who is Sarah
This amazing lady romances into our home which then started John on his plan to live again in a more able body
Sarah explained her plan for John and the journey commenced
Sarah has taught John skills to enable him to start moving again
Sarah has given us hope back
John is now moving again and walking which last May he could hardly put one foot in front of the other
7 months in, we see Sarah weekly
Her tenacity to give John confidence to be able to live again is beyond words
Sarah is a true support to both John and myself who conducts herself in a true proffesional manner with her clients best needed at heart
Our gratitude towards her is never ending”
Truly amazing
Thank you Sarah
From John and Karen