After suffering a stroke in 2006, Linda was left unable to sit or stand up by herself and was lifted by carers with a hoist. She was sat in one chair all day every day unable to move from this, or even re-position within this chair. In August 2020, Reach Rehab Physiotherapy became involved. Through weekly physiotherapy sessions and lots of hard work, Linda is now standing and walking with a stick! She can even walk out of her front door, down the step, up the road and back and again.

Successful rehabilitation needs time and focused, graded input (not just the provision of a hoist at home).

Reach Rehab Physiotherapy will help to advise and source what is required in order to progress. This may include specific equipment, working with other professionals, such as orthotists, spasticity management clinics, podiatrists, and company reps. We help with supporting carers at home so they work with clients during their progression to ensure this change in ability is carried over and engrained into day to day activities.

Reach Rehab Physiotherapy specialise in long term rehabilitation and maximising your potential.

Improving Movement. Improving Lives.