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Hydrotherapy / Aquatic Therapy

This is available in clients own pools at home.  Local leisure centres often run disability swimming sessions, which can also be attended.

All clients wishing to take part in Hydrotherapy (Aquatic Therapy) need to have an Initial Assessment which takes place on land, out of the pool. The Initial Assessment will establish your goals, physical ability and function, treatment plan, changing, access to the pool and health and safety precautions for Hydrotherapy.

“My daughter Amber has diplegic cerebral palsy.  She had an SDR operation and received hydrotherapy with Lisa every week for over 18 months following this.  She progressed from being petrified of the water, needing every flotation aide in the world, to swimming independently on her back with just a pool noodle around her.  Her confidence and ability in the water grew to such a point where she no longer required hydrotherapy and now accesses mainstream swimming lessons and now requires only land based therapy”

Sue Beesley, Walsall