Remote Physiotherapy Support: Online Video Sessions

At Reach Rehab we provide specialist rehabilitation usually through home visit physiotherapy to a wide range of patients. Currently it is very difficult to see a physiotherapist either privately or in the NHS due to the risk of Corona Virus transmission.

The need for physiotherapy will not have changed and may have actually increased due to a reduction in activity during this period. It is therefore crucial that you still receive effective rehabilitation and advice.

Online Video Physiotherapy Assessments

We are continuing to provide high quality, evidence-based physiotherapy, by patient-empowering care with zero risk of infection of Corona Virus (Covid-19), by offering an online video physiotherapy assessment and treatment service. A remote online video physiotherapy assessment allows one of our physiotherapists to take a full history of the issue, discuss the relevant past medical history and complete a physical assessment via web cam.

We can also safely prescribe the best management of your issue.  We can maximise your recovery and improve strength and mobility without any risk of infection. Our services include neurological physiotherapy, paediatric physiotherapy, elderly rehabilitation and post-surgical physiotherapy. We can help manage all of these effectively via video consultation.

How It Works…

You will only need an electronic device that has a camera and a screen on it.  Such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop/PC with a camera.

It is best to think through your surroundings and setup before the consultation begins.  Use a space at home where you can have a private conversation with your physio. Put the camera in a stable suitable position so that the physiotherapist can easily see you. It’s best with quiet surroundings, and if possible use headphones for better sound quality.  But this is not essential.

Wear comfortable loose fitting clothes which is allow the physiotherapist to see the affected part of the body.  You will also need to be sat comfortably for the first part of the session which will be mainly talking about your problem.

If you use a specific mobility aid such as a zimmer frame or walking stick, please have this close.  If any other pieces of equipment are required, we will discuss this during the assessment.  Usually common household objects can be used, such as a tin of beans for hand weights.


The online physiotherapy session:

  • The assessment will be 1 hour in length. It will begin with a discussion to find out what the issue is, symptoms and concerns are.  The physiotherapist will then run through a past medical history and any other questions needed that will highlight the difficulties and delve into the issue at hand.
  • Next a physical assessment will happen during which our physiotherapist will ask you to perform a series of specific movements and tests. The content of this will vary according to what is being assessed.
  • After this, the physio will discuss what they have found or may ask some further questions or ask you to run through a few more tests.
  • There will be a discussion of the plan of management and treatment required.
  • Your physiotherapist will prepare an individual program that is adapted to you, your needs and your surroundings. The program will consist of self-treatment techniques that you are trained to perform in addition to specific exercises which will be demonstrated and performed during the consultation.   This can be emailed over to you.
  • A follow up video consultation will be booked if required. These can be anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour depending on the condition.