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We work with you, your medical team and your environment for a complete treatment plan that’s right for you

There is nobody we won’t consider for treatment.  We work with individuals, hospitals, doctors, schools, care homes, businesses, referrals from personal injury lawyers, to ensure our treatment fits in with your overall physical rehabilitation plan. We take a holistic approach, addressing the whole person and how their challenges affect their physical, mental and emotional health, whilst taking social factors into consideration.

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Physiotherapy Technical Instructor

Meet Sarah.. Sarah Mann, has over 22 years of experience as a highly skilled Physiotherapy Technical Instructor. Sarah is a huge part of Reach Rehab physiotherapy, providing hands

Saying goodbye to Bernie…

Bernadette has worked with Reach Rehab as an advanced and highly specialist Physiotherapist since leaving her NHS role a few years ago, until now. Bernie has worked within

Learning to Walk Again…

After suffering a stroke in 2006, Linda was left unable to sit up by herself, stand up by herself and was lifted with a hoist by her carers. She was sat in one chair all day every day unable to move from this, or even re-position herself within this chair. In August 2020 Reach Rehab Physiotherapy became involved. Through weekly visits, orthotic management and lots of hard work, Linda is now standing and walking with a stick! She can even walk out of the front of her house down the step, up the road and back. Successful rehabilitation needs time and focused, graded input (not just the provision of a hoist at home). Reach Rehab Physiotherapy will help to advise and source what is required to progress. This may include specific equipment, with specialist reps, working with orthotists and podiatrists to provide bespoke supports / orthotics, working with local services for spasticity management. Help with supporting carers at home so they work with clients during their progression to ensure there continues to be progression and it becomes engrained within day to day activities. Reach Rehab Physiotherapy began rehab with Linda in her home in August 2020. Linda is now walking outside with a quad-stick, can climb up and down her front door step, walk around the indoors of her property. We have worked closely with the local orthotic department as she had not been provided with suitable support for the ankle affected by the stroke. Linda now has custom made foot wear and an ankle support that keep her foto and ankle on the right position to help with her walking.

Parkinsons Disease Rehab…

"My husband John is 14 years into a Parkinson's diagnosis We were plodding along quietly when life took a massive turn and flipped our existence on its head

Our client has done really well over the last year since commencing private physiotherapy sessions with our associate physio technical instructor, Sarah Mann.  Her determination in her physiotherapy

….building up the whole body… the person as a whole….

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…making every session count… what can we achieve today?

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Getting the balance right is crucial.  Strength, movement, function, life.

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Your questions answered...

We offer a flexible bespoke service and will fit all appointments around you.

We accept most forms of payment, cheque, bank transfer or cash. Either at every visit or we can send you a monthly invoice.   This is the preferred method, however we are flexible.

Although we are highly experienced physiotherapists, we specialise in complex rehabilitation, catastrophic injuries and neurological physiotherapy.  We would recommend you see a specific sports physiotherapist.

We will require a full history of the condition and any medical history / medication. Please make sure this information is readily available for the initial assessment. If walking aids are used, please ensure these are available too. If it is a child being assessed, a favourite toy that encourages the child to play / move is always useful.
We require 24 hours cancellation notice please. Less than this and the cost of the full time allocated to the appointment will be charged as it will be too late to fill the appointment with another client.
All our physios and physio technical instructors have clean enhanced DBS's. These are renewed every 3 years in line with the NHS. All our staff have annual adult and paediatric safeguarding training.
Our staff have extensive knowledge regarding all kinds of adult and paediatric rehabilitative and postural equipment that is needed. This includes 24 hour postural management, mobility equipment, standing equipment, sensory room equipment, exercise and aquatic therapy equipment. We have some equipment that can be tried. We will help source equipment, assist with charity and statutory funding and organise company reps to assess for equipment.
We recommend that other children are not present as they can often become bored. However, we understand that often there is no choice. We will work around this and it may actually be beneficial to observe the interaction between children. It can also put the child being assessed at ease to have another child present.

There is are no limitations to the length of time we will provide physiotherapy.  We will can provide a complete smooth transition into adulthood and then ongoing treatment from this point as we are both an adult and paediatric physiotherapy service.

Paediatric Physiotherapists undergo additional training to be able to specialise in paediatric physiotherapist which the physiotherapy degree qualification does not cover. They have an in-depth understanding of: Child development, childhood diseases and conditions that may affect physical development, gross motor and fine motor skills, therapeutic interventions that enable and optimise development and well being. The need to place the child at the centre of planning, the impact of having a sick or disabled child has on family life and how to keep children safe.
Babies and children have different needs to adults. Different conditions also affect them. Since they have not yet fully developed their movement, different treatment techniques are required. A specialist paediatric physiotherapist will have the knowledge and experience regarding these differences and will be able to assess and treat using play ensuring the parents/carers are involved every step of the way.
Adult assessments are 1 hour long, as are follow up appointments. Child (Paediatric) assessments can take longer than an hour and will be charged on a pro rata basis. Some conditions are quick to assess, such as toeing. However, for complex neurological conditions, an assessment may be carried out over 2 seperate sessions. A physical assessment will be carried out, which may include range of movement, muscle length, muscle strength, functional abilities, balance, neurological findings eg, muscle tone, reflexes. The assessment will be tailored appropriately according to the age of the baby, child, adult.

“If you have health and happiness, you have all the wealth you need. "

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